International Women’s Day is traditionally celebrated on March 8 every year.
On this day to celebrate women around the world, their economic, social and political achievements. Respect, love and recognition – these are the key words to describe this day today.
However, it can be noted that, over the years, more and more losing the basic character of the “Eighth March”.

In the beginning of the day called the “International Day of Working Women,”, the event was project of the Leftist platform: Social Democrats, Communists, Marxists, Anarchists, Mutualist. etc., – and eventually became part of the culture of many countries.

Often today, March 8 is reduced to the gift of flowers, the occasional kind word or gesture – however, once this day meant much more, was a day of revolutionary struggle, one day out of the patriarchal framework that for centuries treated women as second-class citizens.
Through the workers’ struggle and the fight for social justice, the idea that for the first time, without discrimination, women and men are treated as equally important human beings – women have achieved their engagement
numerous victories against inequality, sexism and other injustices arising from the gender inequality.

Today, more than ever, it is important to recall that all the rights that women have today, were not simply “given” to them, they had to fight, and the battle was often fierce and tough.
Today we are again witnesses the fundamental revisionism that woman again pushed deeper into the shackles of patriarchal system. Women are often presented as the “object”, their symbol often becomes the subject of marketing campaigns whose only goal is maximize the profits on the basis of a distorted image of female sexuality.
Women are aggressively imposing materialistic consumer ideology since childhood promote their values suggest that everything in life comes down to physical beauty,
and submissivnes to “stronger” gender.

So called “equality” which today provides the law, (eg., a necessary number of women in Parliament and so on.), for the majority of women and their equality is a farce – with one goal: to trick women to “constantly progress, that their “power” is growing stronger day by day.”

The reality is quite different – women are still discriminated against, paid less and less present in nearly all relevant processes.
The fact that the scene of several government “powerful” woman does not mean anything, in fact – just look at what those women specifically works – some of the most powerful women politicians insult for the whole female gender.

“Women’s Day” was first celebrated 02.28.1909. in the United States after the declaration of the Socialist Party USA. In July next year, was organized “International Conference of Women” that preceded by a meeting of the Second Socialist International in the same year in Copenhagen.
Inspired by the American socialists, German Socialist Luise Zietz and Clara Zetkin proposed the designation of “International Women’s Day” as a day of struggle for equal rights and rights women to vote.

The following year, 03.18.1911., the Day was celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. In all of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire was organized as 300 demonstration.
In Vienna women are massively took to the streets and carried banners that honor the victims of the Paris Commune – one of the first anarcho-syndicalist communities in the history of Humankind.

In 1913 in Russia, women celebrated the day on the last Sunday in February (according to the Julian Calendar). 1917 in St. Petersburg is marked “Women’s Day”, the last Sunday in February was then, according to the Gregorian calendar, March 8.

Immediately after the October Revolution, Aleksandra Kollontai asked the Soviet Union to officially introduce the “Women’s Day”, which was done. When a day later became the feast, the Soviet authorities gave a proclamation which stated: “The holiday is declared in the name of extraordinary feats of Soviet women in construction
society, in the name of their homeland defense during the Great Patriotic War (World War II), their heroism and selflessness at the front and in the back – Dan also proclaims in the name of women’s contribution in strengthening friendship among the people and in the name of their struggle for peace “.

It is a shame that today, this extremely important day, many revisionist and reactionary groups try to downgrade, declaring it, falsely as a “a relic of the past” and “communist legacy “.
(This is why the “Woman’s Day”, until recently, in the Czech Republic for example., was almost forgotten.)

The struggle of women for equality, personal dignity and sovereignty, against exploitative ideology of mass consumerism, sexism and and all the other injustices
is an essential factor in the struggle of all people of the world for liberation, equality, workers’ rights and a life free of neo-liberal exploitation and exploitation of all kinds.
Long Live the 8 March, International Day of Working Women!

Alexander St. Nesic, 7 March 2017.


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