The Libertarian Anarchist Route

Radical Education – Show how things like taxation, regulation, law enforcement agencies, the military apparatus, and the entire government system from top to bottom imposes capitalistic
relations on society while crushing all serious alternatives. Libertarian communes are forced into commodity production to pay taxes especially on held land. Food and Medicine are
controlled by governments and corporations through agencies like the FDA here in the United States. Government constructed and financed roads serve as a centralizing tool and an
industrial subsidy program for corporate capital.

Anti-Politics – Refuse to participate in government politics.

The modern state (consisting of the police, the military, the tax collectors, the various law enforcement agencies, the courts, the politicians, and the prisons) gains its tremendous power it
exerts every second of every day from the social support it gains from political legitimacy and voter turn-out. The state, as an institution, is thousands of years old. It knows how to survive
and thrive through changing cultures. It knows how to evolve into a better parasite, a better ruler, and a better slave driver.

After the French Revolution of 1789, two ideologies started to spread like wild fire across Europe and the world at large. These ideologies were democracy and nationalism. Various states
started realizing that their slave populations were not buying into monarchy and theocracy anymore. To maintain their control over their slave populations, the ruling classes invented
ideologies which provided a personal relationship between institutional states and the slave populations they ruled. Under the ideology of democracy, we are taught that this is OUR
government and that WE are the government. Under the ideology of nationalism, we are taught that this is OUR nation and that WE are the nation. With the rise of the democratic
nation-state, we as a world witnessed the extreme expansion of state power combined with the rise of perpetual war, corporate capitalism, right-wing fascism, left-wing Bolshevism, and
massive urbanization.

When you vote, you justify the existence of the police, the military, the tax collectors, the various law enforcement agencies, the courts, the politicians, and the prisons along with all the
crimes against humanity they commit. As long as people vote, the state will go on. Can you imagine if the voter turnout in a national election consisted of 1% of the overall population?
If that happened, then the state as an institution would be severely weakened.

At one point in history, the Pope and the Catholic church held tremendous authority over the whole of society. They commanded armies, appointed kings, collected taxes
(otherwise called tithes), and ruled society with an iron fist. The reason why they do not have that authority anymore is because the people condemned them, ignored them, and resisted
them. That is the same way how we should demolish state authority.

The state will always be the state. The state exists to dominate directly and to indirectly empower others to dominate their fellows. The state backs all sorts of authoritarian systems of
control. Our entire socio-economic order exists because it is backed up by the state. Landlords have authority over tenets because the landlord can call the police to violently evict tenets.
Capitalists and their managers have authority over workers because the corporation can call the police to enforce its will violently with a simple phone call. Bankers can plunder a
community because the police are there to collect debts, repossess homes, and to protect the ultra-consolidation of resources into a few hands. Parents have authority over their children
because the parents can easily call the state to remove individuals off their state-defined, state-protected property. Death to the state, monopoly property, and hierarchical authority.
Democracy is simply the same old wolf in new sheep clothing.

Direct Action – “This term has become twisted and misused by various political activists in the past 30 years. In its original anarchist meaning, the term refers to any action undertaken
without the permission, and outside the interest of, governmental institutions. It can refer to volunteering with Food Not Bombs, going on strike (especially without the approval of a union),
shoplifting, or setting up a micro-powered radio station. It doesn’t mean engaging in civil disobedience in cooperation with the police; it doesn’t mean breaking the law or breaking a
window if the intention is merely to register public disapproval of some governmental policy. Breaking things can be examples of direct action but the intention behind these acts are what
is important, not the acts themselves. Direct action has nothing to do with pressuring any part of a government to alter a policy; it is by definition anti-statist. Attempting to alter a
government policy is called lobbying; it is aimed at representatives, and so cannot be direct action. Presenting a list of demands or protesting a particular policy, in the hopes of getting
noticed by the state (whose rulers will then somehow change something about the way it operates), is never direct action, even if the means used to pressure legislators are illegal.
Direct action is when we do things for ourselves, without begging, asking, or demanding that someone in authority help us.” – Lawrence Jarach

Mutual Aid – A mutual aid network is a social relationship or set of social relationships rooted in non-monetary cooperation between different individuals and groups. An example of a
mutual aid network would be a family or a commune where the needs and the desires of the members are provided without going to the market. A member of a mutual aid society can
provide free child care while another member can provide free food from a self-sustaining garden. All of this economic activity resides outside of both capitalism and the state.

Though monetary exchange is not a form of mutual aid, the pooling of capitalistic money to ensure the efficiency and the strength of a mutual aid network under capitalism is an extremely
positive thing. Economic cooperation under capitalism is needed. Rather than an individual going to a capitalistic bank to borrow capitalistic money at an interest rate, a group of
individuals can pool their resources together to finance a project without going to a capitalistic bank. Mutual aid networks will exist as islands under capitalism for the time being because
the use of legal tender cannot be completely avoided since taxation and other legal debts are required to be paid in legal tender. A self-sustaining agrarian commune still must pay property
taxation to the local state if it wishes to not be invaded by law enforcement. With that being said, the general boycott of the market system through individual and collective simple living
will cause the very foundations of capitalism and the state to crack since consumer spending and tax revenue will be at an all-time low. When these islands become strong enough, they will
replace capitalism and the state completely.

Traditional monogamy alienates couples economically from others. Couples are forced to live in isolation from one another, are forced to go to capitalistic banks to finance major
investments, and are forced to engage in market activity to get things like daycare rather than forming mutual aid networks. Communal living and communal commitment are things of
great advantage. To be clear, I do not protest against exclusive monogamous sexual-romantic relationships which are entered into and maintained on a voluntary basis but I do protest how
those relationships are artificially promoted to divide the population even more within the political economic system. It is very possible to build solid mutual aid networks while still
maintaining the idea of voluntary monogamy.

Simple Living – Simple Living is the art of reducing production and consumption within the economy. It was advocated by Henry David Thoreau, Dorothy Day, and Ammon Hennacy.
Anarchists should embrace Simple Living for several reasons.

Simple Living reduces the amount of resources going to the state. Simple Living also reduces consumer demand within the capitalist system. Due to falling consumer demand, the capitalist
system will go into a depression. In order to get out of the depression, the capitalists will have to get bailed out by the state (which is already getting screwed over by a drop in tax revenue)
or our entire economic system will have to be radically transformed along libertarian, egalitarian, non-statist, and non-capitalist lines.

Keynesian economics is simply a pro-capitalist program to sustain the unsustainable capitalist system. Keynesian economics gets away with saving capitalism because it is mostly done
behind close doors but the state will not survive if they are forced to save capitalism in an extremely obvious way like bailing out Wall Street. The fall of consumer demand and the rise of
unemployment will push the general population to embrace an anti-capitalist revolution which will end the consumption based, capitalist wage-system. Lucky for us, Keynesian political
strategy is unsustainable itself for the capitalist class. Even though I am no Marxist, Karl Marx was 100% correct when he said that capitalism is destined to die somehow and someway due
to its internal contradictions and its irrational organizing principles.

Since we will be forced to abandon the ‘grow-or-die’ mentality of our failed capitalist system, our new sustainable economic systems will be much more eco-friendly. As Murray Bookchin
said in the past, green capitalism is a contradiction in terms. Capitalism has to be abandoned if environmental concerns are going to be seriously addressed.

I believe that Simple Living combined with some proposed Agorist strategies can bring an end to capitalism and the state for these reasons. Education is also a major part of the anarchist
project. We must always spread our ideas, our values, and our lifestyles into the heart of civil society. Marxists often criticize Anarchism for being lifestyle anti-politics. Not only will I not
dispute the Marxist critique, I will also fully embrace the characterization. Anarchism IS individualistic and apolitical.

To be effective, take your savings out of capitalist banks, capitalist stock markets, and other capitalistic institutions. You will be surrendering all the potential income you might get from
profit, interest, rent, royalties, and other exploitative tributes, but you will be effectively taking wealth out of the system. In modern capitalist society, corporations rely heavily on capitalist
bank credit which relies on savings from bank accounts and corporations rely heavily on middle class investment.

If enough people practice simple living, then the capitalist system will go into a death crisis depression. At this point, the state will have to bail out capitalism through Keynesian economic
policy which will weaken the long-term sustainability of both government institutions and capitalist institutions. The only way out of the crisis of capitalism then will be to abolish it outright.
Massive austerity measures by the people themselves in their massive boycott against capitalism and the state.

1 – Never call the police. We can find alternatives to the state. We can find alternatives to violence. We can have constructive, peaceful, and community-oriented dispute resolution.

2 – Never join the military. We are committed to non-violence, peace, and universal love. We understand that war is for the health of the State and in the interests of entrenched commercial

3 – Say no to political reform. Do not vote. Do not lobby. Do not endorse the taking of state power. Power, Domination, and Evil can never be reformed for good.

4 – Share the Wealth and Prosperity. Champion Cooperation. Work Together for Collective Well Being.

5 – Implement the Amish model of Voluntary Community, Anti-Politics, and Social Solidarity. However, do it along the lines of Early Christianity and Anarchist Communism.

6 – Freely encourage the free entry of new comers and encourage them to join.

7 – Be as self-sustaining as possible internally. Strive to take care of everything we need and desire. Expanding the commune will only make this process easier.

8 – Encourage outsiders to follow your example.

9 – Make decisions in a directly democratic way face-to-face. Allow dissent and allow individuals to make their own separate decisions if consensus cannot be found.

10 – Actively promote a world absent poverty, war, hatred, coercion, domination, exploitation, slavery, violence, and authoritarian social organization.
To be clear, I am not a pacifist since I believe self and collective defense is just especially against the inherent violence of capitalism and the state yet I believe violence is generally
counter-productive especially in the here and now.


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